What is CoachingChain.com?

CoachingChain.com is a network of talented, smart people helping each other by coaching each other. Join us as we help each other reach our own goals while finding fulfillment helping others reach their's.

How about ...

The reality is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has a talent or expertise in something that somebody else would find valuable and helpful. With chain coaching, you get by giving and create benefit for yourself and others.

Chain vs. Reciprocal Coaching … Reciprocal coaching is when two people agree to coach each other. This can be very effective but also has some real pitfalls. One of the major things that gets in the way of success in reciprocal coaching is that boundaries between your issues becomes very fuzzy. Very often, coaching sessions get turned toward consistently helping one of the individuals over the other or coaching sessions can turn into “chat sessions”, which can be fun … but not at all productive.

Chain coaching eliminates the pitfalls of reciprocal coaching by “chaining” the efforts of many people together. If Tom is looking for help with his weight loss goals, he can ask Rudy (who lost 100 pounds this year) for help. Rudy might be looking to increase his ability to lead a sales organization and ask Amanda (who currently heads a large and successful sales team) for her help. Amanda might need advice on how to prepare for a marathon she would like to run in six months and therefore asks Kate (who qualifies yearly for the Boston marathon) for her help. And on and on and on. The point is, that we all have something we would like to accomplish right now and there is a virtually infinite pool of potential assistance from which we can draw … each other!

Tony Robbins has said … “By working together human beings can accomplish more than they do themselves because we coach each other … the thing that can affect your life the most in terms of your ability to achieve your outcomes, the greatest resource on earth is other human beings.”

The fact is, coaching works for everybody. Many are surprised that even very high-level leaders regularly engage with coaches but the fact is that many report that the coaching they receive is what allows them to be “high-level”. Steve Bennett, former CEO of Intuit has said, “At the end of the day, people who are high achievers—who want to continue to learn and grow and be effective—need coaching.”

CoachingChain.com is a network of engaged, interested, and interesting people who are looking to help each other to greater levels of accomplishment, happiness, and fulfillment. We find great stores of help and enjoyment in being both a coach and a coachee. Are you ready to start living on purpose? Click below to join us ...